Saturday, June 19, 2010


Encouraged by my husband and two girlfriends, I've started this blog to share my passion for food and cooking. I have a folder on the computer and an album on facebook entitled "food" for pictures of my dishes...some are better than others and I'll be honest about the results! Those of you invited to read my first post are a small group...we'll see if I can keep up the blog and expand to more friends. You're welcome to add comments or questions. Enjoy!

After reading "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" by Barbara Kingsolver we joined a CSA this summer and I'm excited to share the beauty of fresh, organic vegetables! Here are two recent dishes.

Cornbread made with Vermont Maple Syrup and fresh sage. I used the cast iron skillet Erica got me for Christmas. The recipe instructs to warm it in the oven first and melt the whole stick of butter in the skillet before adding it to the batter. Clever! The sage smells wonderful.

My friend Lisa prepared scallion pancakes while we were in New Hampshire a few weekends ago. They were straight from the freezer. I found a different brand at my local Chinese Food Market and the package suggested preparing fillings for the pancakes. Here I sauteed onions in sesame oil and added ground turkey with hoisin and soy sauces. Topped with a fresh slaw of farm cabbage and carrots in a ginger dressing. Pretty tasty!


  1. I was lucky to have some of Jennifer's Corn Bread for lunch today. We all loved it! It is complimentary with any kind of food. Very moist, and the sage leaves on top look great!!! Good job Jennifer.


  2. Can you send me the recipe for your cornbread? I have a cast iron skillet I have been dying to use!