Friday, December 10, 2010

Holiday Baking Begins

Baking Season has begun in my kitchen. I went to Costco with my mother in law last weekend and bought a ridiculous amount of sugar, nuts, maple syrup, dried fruit, chocolate chips and plastic wrap. Tomorrow I'm heading to a cookie swap with my mom and I'm looking forward to see what her neighbors are whipping up this year. Here is what's on my list of goodies...I'm making some favorites that make the kitchen smell delightful, and also trying a new honeycomb candy to test my culinary capabilities:

Noci Croccanti (Hazelnut Brittle)
Vanillekipferl (Vanilla Crescents)
Marshmallows (Coconut and Vanilla)
Honeycombs (Chocolate and Plain)
Ginger Cookies
Granola (multiple varieties)
Leftover Cookies (f.k.a. Garbage Cookies)
Cheddar Straws

Luckily I have lots of time off before the holidays so I can relax and bake at my leisure. A few packages will travel cross country and some will show up at work next week. The best part of baking is giving your delicacies to people you care about. Stay tuned for recipes and photos!

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